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Our Process

The more we know, the more we can do. We begin our process the same way every time, with a series of questions designed to give us the insight we need to create the perfect gifts for your wedding, with the impeccable service we're known for. Our philosophy has always been that success is in the details.

Your Budget

This piece of information is always the first question we ask. Your desired price point is something we respect and adhere to 100% of the time. We will not try to up-sell you or surprise you with hidden fees. This is your wedding and we're here to make sure you get what you want with what you're comfortable spending. We're very good at this and will utilize our experience, creativity, and relationships in the industry to get you the most bang for your buck.

Number of Guests/Gifts Expected

This is the second most important question we ask. The number of gifts you order helps us determine how we can best utilize quantity discounts to provide the most amazing gifts within your budget. We can make recommendations and put together options specifically for you.

Date and Location of Venue

Whether you plan ahead or you're the last-minute type, we're ready for you! The date helps us manage logistics, and the venue helps us determine what type of custom options may be available for your specific setting. Delivery to your venue is also available within Rhode Island, in most cases at no additional cost.

Design Specifics

Your wedding colors, theme, unique characteristics, and personal preferences can all be incorporated into the design of your wedding gifts. We will make sure your welcome bags, favors, and bridal party gifts reflect your style and taste, and help to define the unique feeling of your big day.


We go above and beyond to provide the best gifts ever. If you'd like to include an outside item that has been purchased elsewhere, we can work to incorporate that into our design. We can coordinate with other vendors on your wedding team to provide a seamless experience.  And, we can provide local maps and guides to the area in your welcome bags at no added cost.  If there is something you want that we haven't mentioned, just ask!